Kosovo fully backs Ukraine despite Kyiv’s non-recognition


Russia must lose its war of aggression on Ukraine for the sake of Europe's security, Kosovo's Foreign Minister, Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz told the Associated Press (AP).

She also declared Kosovo's unwavering support for Ukraine, even though Kyiv has not recognized Kosovo's independence.

"Ukraine has not recognized the Republic of Kosovo as a state, but we understand exactly what Ukraine is going through," Gërvalla-Schwarz said.

She said Kosovo is constantly reminded of the aggressive intentions of Serbia, and its ally Russia, since declaring independence in 2008.

There is only one solution for both Ukraine and Europe, she said.

"It can only be for Russia to lose the war, and for Ukraine to win,” she said.

Europe should also prepare for other conflicts on our continent."

Kosovo is a small country with "very modest possibilities to provide aid," but Kosovo tries to be useful to Ukraine and does not hesitate to show "unconditional support and sympathy", she said.

Kosovo's Defense Minister, Ejup Maqedonci, announced the second package of military aid to Ukraine on March 19 at the Contact Group on Ukraine’s Defense meeting (also known as Ramstein-20).

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