KPDNKK raids LPG supplier

Mohd Hasbi Sidek

SUBANG JAYA: Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism ministry (KPDNKK) enforcement authorities raided a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier who was found illegally transfering LPG gas from subsidised barrels to industrial gas barrels at a store in USJ 1 Industrial Estate, near here.

It was understood that the supplier who has a valid license will sell the industrial gas barrels at a cheaper price than prevailing market price. This was after transferring the cheaper priced LPG from the subsidised barrels to the industrial barrels.

The KPDNKK enforcement officers who monitered the trader’s activities for the last month to gather evidence, raided the store at about 2.30pm yesterday.

They discovered 40 industrial LPG barrels prepped and ready for sale.

"They transferred LPG from the 14-kg subsidised barrels to the 50kg industrial barrels. Based on our inspection, we found 40 gas-filled industrial barrels,” said Putrajaya KPDNKK Enforcement Division Senior Assistant Director Khairi Jamaludin.

He adds that a total of 143 subdised LPG barrels were found in the premise.

“Some of them empty and some filled with LPG. We also found 20 hoses used to transfer the gases,” he said.

He said the total amount of seizure was estimated to be RM32,410.

"Industrial LPGs are sold at RM180 to RM205, however, this supplier sold them below RM180 and earned a profit from the stolen subsidised LPG," he said.

Following the raid, KPDNKK enforcement officers also went to a premises at the Penaga Industrial Estate, near USJ 9, here, which was the supplier’s base of operations.

"However, the supplier was not at the location and only one employee was around. We had take statement from the employee for further investigations," he said.

Khairi said the case would be investigated under Regulation 3 (1) of the Supply Control Regulations 1974, read out togather with Section 21 of the Control of Supplies Act 1961. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd