Kremlin Hypes Trump-Loving Doc’s Claim Biden Has Parkinson’s

Antonio Masiello/Getty Images
Antonio Masiello/Getty Images

The Kremlin’s media mouthpieces have seized on a Trump-loving plastic surgeon’s claim that President Joe Biden might have Parkinson’s.

Dr. Sheila Nazariank speculated on X on Monday that Biden’s “less frequent blinking” and “diminished arm swing” during his so-called freezing episodes are “likely due to a central neurological disorder like Parkinsons.”

Nazariank, who campaigns for President Donald Trump on X and Instagram where she has over 850,000 followers, starred in the Netflix reality show Skin Decision. Her claim about Biden quickly got picked up by The Daily Mail, where it then made its way to Kremlin pool reporter Dmitry Smirnov.

“In America, they’re continuing to search for the reason behind Biden’s strange behavior—now his actions resemble the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease,” Smirnov wrote on Telegram.

The White House has already refuted claims that Biden has been “freezing up” at public events, saying “cheap fake videos” circulated by conservatives are deliberately misleading. Several such videos have been debunked, including a deceptively edited clip from a fundraiser over the weekend that was touted as proof that Biden had to be “led off” the stage after apparently becoming confused. (The full clip shows this was not the case.)

Kremlin-friendly media has nonetheless run wild with the claims, with a string of headlines Tuesday declaring, “American leader Joe Biden may suffer from Parkinsons.” REN-TV cited Nazarian, the Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon, in their headline, calling Biden’s “diagnosis” a “national security threat.”

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