Krispy Kreme theater coming to Times Square

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Krispy Kreme theater coming to Times Square

Krispy Kreme at Times Square

Krispy Kreme is opening a donut theater at Times Square in New York, that will serve donuts 24 hours a day, and feature the world's largest Hot Light and a glaze waterfall. 

Set to open at Broadway and 48th Street, the flagship store will span 45,000 square feet and feature stadium-style seating and be visible from afar with the world's largest Hot Light (a powerful light used in television production). 

The store will feature interactive and immersive experiences and showcase how the chain's signature glazed donuts are made, end-to-end. 

Craving a 3 am donut to soak up a night of drinking or cap off a night of dancing? The store will be open 24 hours a day and also feature an exterior walk-up window along with an interior "grab-and-go" counter. 

If the concept sounds familiar, you may be thinking of Starbucks Roastery stores which also elevate the retail experience with theatrical and immersive bean-to-cup experiences in grand, open spaces. 

The Times Square location is set to open in early 2020.