Kuantan woman held up at petrol station by suspect with ‘parang’

One Kuantan woman is feeling lucky to have escaped with her life, after being attacked by a man at a petrol station with a 12-inch parang (machete), having just finished pumping gas early this morning.

Footage released by Bernama shows the suspect demanding the woman hand over her iPhone 8 Plus.


Kuantan police report that the incident occurred at 1:20am, after the woman was making her way home after having spent time with friends. CCTV show the victim getting into her car when a white sedan suddenly pulls out, and a masked assailant runs towards her from the passenger side. Pointing the parang at the woman, he grabs her phone from inside her car and leaves. Upon reviewing footage from the area, authorities believe that the duo had been staking out the petrol station for victims.

Two suspects are now wanted in connection with the armed robbery, which carries a maximum 20-year sentence, and whipping, upon conviction.

Stay alert y’all – there’s some nasty folks out there.

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