Kuching toddler with leg stuck in drain saved by firefighters

Goh Pei Pei

KUCHING: His favourite pillow and pacifier could not soothe little Kayden Kiew, whose right leg had fallen into and become lodged in a water drainage hole in a bathroom at his home here.

The terrified and uncomfortable tot simply had to wait it out as rescuers made their way to him today.

A Tabuan Jaya Fire and Rescue station spokesman said they received a distress call at about 12 noon, and despatched ten firefighters to the home at Jalan Tabuan Heights, here.

“The two-year-old boy had cried for more than 15 minutes. His parents had tried to comfort him and gave him his pillow and pacifier.

But they didn’t work – the situation was too “scary” for the distressed boy, the spokesman said.

Upon arriving at the scene, the team managed to cheer Kayden up and keep him calm, before slowly removing his leg from the hole.

“The operation took about 30 minutes (including helping Kayden stop crying). If we hadn’t done that, the process might have hurt the victim, as he could have panicked," he added.

It is not known how Kayden got his leg stuck in the hole, but his parents were advised to keep it covered at all times.