Kurt Tay gets breast implants

Kurt Tay gets breast implants

22 May – Despite having released only one song, Singaporean self-proclaimed singer Kurt Tay is famous once again, particularly for spending SGD 4,100 (RM 10,250) for breast augmentation surgery in Bangkok.

27-year-old Tay proudly showed off his new silicone implants in a video on YouTube, claiming that he felt good with his new figure and likened the feeling to winning a lottery.

When asked about the reason for his decision, Tay, who now works as a night shift security guard, explained that before his surgery, he had tried to court some 100 girls, all of which failed, leading him to become bisexual.

However, Tay added that he would not consider a sex change procedure as he still preferred women. Instead, he will buy a Vietnamese bride if he could not find a local girlfriend in two years.

Many netizens have criticised Tay for his decision, calling him an 'ah gua' (lady boy). Some even told him to spend money on English classes after he pronounced breast as "best".

This is not the first time Tay's exploits has garnered attention. Previously, he was known for taking out a full-page advertisement about himself in a magazine last year and advertisements in the newspaper describing himself as "Handsome, Charming & Dashing Superstar Kurt Tay".