Kylie dyed her hair golden brown, and fans think she looks like Kim

Abigail Malbon
Photo credit: Kylie Jenner

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  • Kylie Jenner has switched up her hair - again - and dyed it golden brown.
  • Fans think she looks just like older sister Kim.

Literally a day after Kylie Jenner surprised us all with new, short hair, the 22-year-old has changed it up again - this time going for a long, golden brown style that makes her look a lot like older sister Kim.

Earlier this week, Kylie surprised us all by writing on Instagram: ‘@jesushair said he was giving me a trim and cut all my hair off.’

Jesus Guerrero (a.k.a. @jesushair) is a celebrity hairstylist that Kylie has been working with for roughly a year now, and they’ve shared some pretty iconic hair moments together. This was the result of this particular one:

Photo credit: Instagram/kyliejenner

But it looks like it was all prep for her new, lighter style, because a few hours later she shared another picture of herself - this time on her main grid - and captioned it: 'new vibe'.

Fans commented that she looks a lot like Kim with the new look, and we can definitely see their point:

Photo credit: Instagram/kimkardashian - Getty Images

Kim even referred to the new 'do on her own Instagram stories, saying: 'So Kylie and Khloe thought they were going to beat me to this hair colour, I got them’.

But before you go rushing to the salon to copy the style, we're almost sure both Kylie and Kim are wearing wigs. So, can't wait to see what they try next, I guess!

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