Kylie Jenner prompts debate by giving toddler nieces personalised make-up for Christmas

Kylie Jenner has built herself an empire off the back of her make-up kits, so it’s no surprise that the 19-year-old star wanted to incorporate her business into her Christmas gifts for her nearest and dearest this year.

However, Kyls’ gifts to her two toddler nieces, Penelope Disick and North West, have prompted a debate, with the reality star giving the two children personalised make-up for Christmas.

Kylie Jenner made her nieces personalised Kylie Cosmetics items.

Sharing photos of the presents on Instragram, KylieCosmetics wrote: “Kylie’s custom gifts to Penelope & North. A whole set in their favourite colour.”

Kourtney Kardashian’s four-year-old, Penelope, got a pink set and Kim Kardashian’s three-year-old, North, a purple one.

Some of Kylie’s followers felt that the gifts were inappropriate for such young children, with the star previously coming under fire for giving North a lip-kit makeover earlier this year.

Kylie previously sparked outrage by putting make-up on North.

They wrote: “They don’t even know what make-up is, they’re like 5 – please stop.”

“They are kids, they don’t need this.”

“They are children, they’re too young to be concerned about make-up.”

“Seriously at their age??? That’s ridiculous, someone should let her know what gifts children their age get. This family is smart but not smart at some things. Just saying.”

However, others embraced the fact that it is all just fun for little girls, defending the star by writing: “They’ll play with it people! Girls play makeup.. It’s a cute gift.”

Fans had a mixed response.

“Of course they won’t be wearing makeup right now but it’s only natural to experiment. As they grow older they’ll start to use them and cherish them.”

“That’s so cute! My nieces loves playing makeup. I’d do the same thing!”

Kourtney previously admitted that cousins Penelope and North both have cosmetics to play dress-up with, explaining: “Penelope is into make-up and beauty I think just from seeing me, we get our hair and makeup done a lot and usually we try to do it at our house so I feel like she’s around a lot.

“My mum got Penelope and North these little vanity cases for Christmas, filled it with make-up, and I try to get them as much natural make-up products as possible, but I love to let them experiment and play and have fun with it.”