Kylie Jenner reveals Stormi's last name — and it's not Jenner or Scott

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

With the addition of just one word, Kylie Jenner made a statement about her new daughter, Stormi.

On Tuesday night, the 20-year-old new mama updated her Instagram post showing the first photo of her baby girl. She changed the caption from just the tot’s first name, Stormi, next to an angel emoji, to Stormi Webster.  Her boyfriend rapper Travis Scott’s legal name is Jacques Webster. (Scott’s stage name came from a late uncle, his “favorite relative,” who “always made good decisions, good business decisions.”)

Jenner and Scott, who welcomed their first child together on Feb. 1, have been together since April. In September, news broke that Kylie was pregnant, but she didn’t confirm it until the baby arrived. While they are co-parenting, they aren’t living together, according to People magazine. On Tuesday afternoon she shared the first photo of the baby, who was outfitted in pink and clutching mom’s finger.

A baby-name expert analyzed the name Stormi for us, describing it as a surprise and a name that’s retro from the “’60s-’70s name era.” Baby Name Wizard’s Laura Wattenberg said, “In today’s ever-bolder name climate, reaching back a generation is, in a way, the most unexpected move of all.”

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