Labor groups plan mass indignation rally next week

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Thousands of members of different labor groups are set to conduct a massive indignation rally to oppose the new department order on contractualization issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Labor groups plan to hold the protest rally near the Malacañan Palace in Mendiola Manila next week.

“Now it’s time to organize on the ground, to organize a movement founded on this particular struggle. But it will open a lot of other issues that besets Filipino laborers right now,” said Super Federation president, Luke Espiritu.

Labor groups that plan to join the protest are employees from the Manila Hotel, Fortune Tobacco, Victory Liner, Armscor, Isetann Mall, UCP Panda, Piatsu Cavitex and Chinese General Hospital.

The groups claims that President Duterte was not being true to his word when he said that he will put an end to contractualization and accused the President of using this as a campaign propaganda

“Kung niloloko lang nila tayo itong play ni Bello at Duterte at least meron pang opening in order to talk to the President because he said in the dialogue with the NAGKAISA Labor Coalition leaders in Malacanang he categorically said wala ng agency agency,” Espiritu said.

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Meanwhile, the labor department dispels fears that the department order will not be implemented properly.

In a statement by the labor department, Secretary Bello said that they have deputized labor groups to conduct inspections that will ensure establishments and companies are complying with the department order.

Bello also clarified that he does not have the authority to stop contractualization and this can be done through a legislative process in Congress.

The President has not issued any statement regarding his earlier promise of ending contractualization in the country.  — Mon Jocson | UNTV News & Rescue

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