Lactation consultants reveal the most unique baby names in their practice

A lactation consultant clinic asked its staff members about the baby names they encounter. The results were hilarious.

The clinic posted footage of the fun exercise on its TikTok account @mypuredelivery_ibclcs. In one video, the staff members guessed the most common names and in another, the most unique.

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“The most common baby names according to our breastfeeding clinic,” the caption read.

Each member of the staff gave their best guess at what the most common names might be for a boy and a girl. Ryder, Emory, Emma, Max, Oliver, Peyton, Xander, James, Olivia, Reece, Sophia and Grenadon the Destroyer were the names that came up.

The only name that multiple doctors guessed was “Emma.” So it was no surprise that according to the clinic’s logs, “Emma” was the most popular girl’s name. However, “Noah,” which never came up, was the most popular boy’s name.

“Emma being popular when my mum picked it in 1995, great to see it still holding up,” someone commented.

“Not me with my twins being Emma and Noah,” a person added.

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For some more name fun, the clinic asked the staff about some of the more unique names they’d heard. The names they said included: Bud Weiser, Abcde (pronounced Ab-SUH-dee), Khinoya (pronounced like “quinoa”), Calliope, Yahiness Queen Elizabeth, Lucien (actually a common name in France), Mayhem, Chaos, Apple, Elvis Wesley and Greer.

“Abcde I hate to say it is kinda cute with how it sounds,” a user said.

“My husbands name is Jack Daniel,” another shared.

“My daughter is Harbor Grace.. just unique enough for me,” a TikToker said.

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