The Ladies of ‘The View’ Thrown Off by Joy Behar’s Cell Phone

It was a day of hot topics on The View, and nothing was hotter than Joy Behar’s cell phone.

Just as Whoopi Goldberg was beginning to get into FBI director James Comey’s testimony about the possible effect he had on the election — therefore the country — by publicly speaking about an ongoing investigation involving Hillary Clinton’s emails, Behar’s phone rang and briefly threw everything off.

Joy Behar on The View. (Photo: ABC)

“I’m sorry. I usually turn it off,” Behar said.

But it was already too late. The discussion turned to her ringtone, the fact that there was no caller ID, and who it could have been. Goldberg tried reigning things in and getting back on track, but Behar’s ringing phone was just too exciting a distraction  — the rest of the table just wasn’t able to move on immediately.

Goldberg patiently waited until everyone calmed down, Behar apologized once more, and then they all moved on to a more serious discussion.

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