Lady Gaga 'treating pet like a baby'

16 August 2012
Lady Gaga 'treating pet like a baby'
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is apparently treating her dog like “her baby”.

The eccentric singer has developed a close bond with her pet, Fozzi. Gaga can’t bear to be separated from the pooch and takes him everywhere she goes.

“Gaga is totally obsessed with Fozzi. She’s been treating him like he’s her baby,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “She’s been taking him to bed – and even into the bath with her.”

The star is eager to ensure Fozzi gets the best of everything in life.

She has been asking the chef on her Born This Way tour to whip up special meals for the little dog.

The customised treats are then presented to Fozzi in one of his bespoke bowls.

“She’s instructed for special versions of her own meals for Fozzi,” the source added. “They are given to him in his personalised gold and diamante bowl.”

Gaga is even celebrating Fozzi’s special dates with her friends and family.

“He had his own birthday party last week,” the insider claimed.

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