What do Lady Gaga's seriously bizarre new Instagram pictures actually mean?

Lady Gaga has long made fans and critics alike join in a collective “WTF?”

The artist has worn a meat dress, had a male alter ego named Jo Calderone, hatched from an egg at the Grammys, and collaborated with Tony Bennett on an album of duets. 

Now, the “Joanne” singer has posted three genuinely odd photos on her Instagram, and fans are trying to dissect the meaning behind them. They are a sight to behold, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

This is 100 percent what I see in the corner of my dark bedroom when I have sleep paralysis.

The photos were taken by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz, the young talent behind Kanye West’s controversial “Famous” video, which depicted naked, lifelike dolls of the rapper, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities, all in bed together.

The photos Gaga posted bore no caption, only a credit to Linnetz. In turn, Linnetz posted his photos of Gaga on his Instagram and just tagged the singer.

But what does it all mean?!

Many commenters believe this is a tease of the upcoming season of American Horror Story. However, Lady Gaga has not confirmed whether she will return to the show — unless this is a veiled confirmation.

Of course, this could very well be a teaser to her upcoming residency in Las Vegas, which begins on Dec. 28. Lady Gaga posted three photos promoting the show on her Instagram earlier this week, and Linnetz posted a similar picture as well.

On the other hand, maybe these photos mean Lady Gaga is about to release new music, a new album, or a new video album. After all, Linnetz is known for his music videos.

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