‘My Lady Jane’ Episode Release Guide: Can You Binge It All at Once?

Prime Video is entering the fray of historical retellings with its new series “My Lady Jane,” and it is much different than the story of Jane Grey you remember.

In “My Lady Jane,” we meet Lady Jane Grey, the cousin of King Edward and a very smart woman. She’s fiercely independent and hopes to build an encyclopedia of her medical knowledge to help people. But when her cousin suddenly dies and she’s named heir to the throne, she must begrudgingly take over the country.

This story also adds some fantasy elements to the mix, though, as her kingdom is also home to people known as Ethians, who can transform into animals at will.

Here’s what you need to know.

When does “My Lady Jane” premiere?

“My Lady Jane” will premiere on Thursday, June 27.

Where is “My Lady Jane” streaming?

“My Lady Jane” will be streaming on Prime Video.

Are the episodes released weekly or all at once?

All eight episodes of “My Lady Jane” will be released at the same time, so you can watch it in one sitting, if you so choose.

What is “My Lady Jane” about?

“My Lady Jane” is based on a real person: Lady Jane Grey. But, where the real Jane was executed just nine days after becoming queen, this story takes a different route. Instead, the series is a “radical re-telling” of history, wherein there are people who can turn into animals, Jane Grey is not beheaded, and King Edward doesn’t die from tuberculosis.

Who’s in the cast?

“My Lady Jane” is led by Emily Bader and Edward Bluemel, who have previously starred in “Charmed” and “Killing Eve,” respectively. They’re flanked by all-star veterans including Dominic Cooper, Anna Chancellor, Rob Brydon and more.

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