A landlord found 19 tarantulas and 1 python left behind by a tenant

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landlord finds tarantulas and python
landlord finds tarantulas and python

A landlord in Maine found tarantulas and python in his apartment left by a tenant. He arranged for the rescue of 15 tarantulas and one python left behind by a previous renter.

The Sun Journal said that after the landlord found the tarantulas and python, he called animal rescuer Drew Desjardins to the Auburn apartment on Wednesday.

He discovered four of the 19 tarantulas had died, and the ball python had no water. Desjardins said the surviving animals were well after he returned them to his home on Thursday.

All of the animals discovered in Maine are illegal and will also be transferred. There was no news on whether the tenant was looking for a new place to live.

“Received a phone call from a nervous landlord today about some abandoned animals in an apartment in Auburn. 19 tarantulas (4 dead) and all are illegal in Maine and a ball python that had no water. All are doing well now. Never a dull moment in my world,” Desjardins penned on Facebook while sharing images of the rescued creatures.

The post has gone viral on social media, with netizens praising Desjardins for saving the animals.

One user said, “Awe so sad for the animals that didn’t survive but good for the ones you rescued.” Another wrote, “Thank God for you ~ I bet any longer they all would have died. I really really dislike people who abandon their animals. It’s really sick and disgusting.”

Also, a third user added, “Oh, my. My neighbor in the apartment next door to me had one tarantula- That seemed enough.” Yet another posted, “Thank you for rescuing them and taking such good care of them.”

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