Langkawi grandma aged 104 regularly catches prawns at beach, amazes Malaysians with hardworking spirit

Tan Mei Zi
Tok Pora doesn’t let her age stop her from continuing to make a living. — Pictures from Twitter/amriothmann

PETALING JAYA, Dec 23 — Having lived for more than a century, 104-year-old Sapora Mat Amin still has a lust for life that could rival most millenials.

Known fondly as Tok Pora, the centenarian from Pulau Tuba, Langkawi was recently featured in a viral tweet that showed her hard at work by the beach.



Her eldest grandchild Rusli Ahmad told mStar that Tok Pora has had an affinity with the sea ever since she started working as a fisherman in her teens.

“Back then, she was brave enough to face the beating of the waves.

“Her children and grandchildren advised her to take it easy and rest now but she refuses to sit around doing nothing,” he said.

Tok Pora said that she no longer goes out to sea to comply with her family’s wishes but still insists on keeping herself busy.

“My life wasn’t easy back then and the sea provided me a livelihood that sustained me and my late husband so we could raise our family.

“I can’t sit still because I can’t break a sweat that way. I still work and wake up early to go to the beach to look for prawns and snails,” she was quoted as saying.

Tok Pora, who has more than 100 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren combined, also conducts demonstrations of mengkuang weaving for tourists as a side income.

When asked what her secret to long life was, the senior said healthy and fresh foods without added chemicals are staples in her diet.

“I rarely eat out and usually I eat at home or with my family.

“I can cook for myself and I like eating fish and salads.”


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