The Language Network’s democratization model won the TOP100 South Korea Judges over

Marc Ayden
The Language Network’s democratization model won the TOP100 South Korea Judges over

The startup emerged victorious amongst other competent peers to represent South Korea at Echelon Asia Summit 2018.

It was an immense pitching session at MARU180 today with all 12 startups doing their best to impress our panel of judges. After much deliberation, The Language Network clinches the Judge’s Choice award. Eugene had mentioned that they had a competent team and sound technology implementation.

Of course, we’ve not forgotten about our E27 and Echelon community as well as our international friends who have been rallying behind our cause – we definitely have to let their voices be heard.

Which is why, with much enthusiasm, Ad(x) was named the Fan Favourite at Echelon TOP100 Myanmar Qualifiers Roadshow.

Kudos to both startups for such a great showing!

Winner’s Profiles and Prizes

The Language Network is a decentralised ecosystem for language-based apps and services. Users can “mine” tokens by contributing their voice data, allowing developers access to the data they will need to train the Language AI models to roll-out new services.

The judges unanimously decided on the particular idea pitched due to the strong growth sector of blockchain as part of the deep tech advancements.

Here are some of the “spoils of war” they receive:

  • Exhibition booth at Echelon Asia Summit 2018
  • 6 months hot desk pass (Usable at any WeWork space in the SEA)
  • Additional digits in the bank account – S$500 (US$380)

The people definitely poured their hearts out for m

Everyone’s a Winner

“Wait, what about the rest?” you might ask.

To us, everyone who pitched today at the qualifiers is a winner! With potential investors, business partners and customers making up the audience, someone could have taken notice! Expect that phone call soon guys!

Startups pitching today will also receive a chance to attend Echelon Asia Summit 2018 as the top 100 startups after vetting their scores against all the startups pitching in 20+ countries during the Echelon TOP100 Qualifiers.

Let’s take a quick recap of all the fabulous startups whom which we applaud their efforts.

Echelon TOP100 South Korea Qualifiers and Roadshow startups

1. Bibimble

Bibimble is a virtual reality company that combines advanced digital media technologies to develop innovative technology-based user experience and VR platforms.

2. Braillist

Braillist is an indispensable tool that allows for the blind to use smartphones sensibly with the support of a compact braille dictionary device – decreasing worldwide braille illiteracy rate by over 90%.


CHESIMI is a Korean company that manufactures fashion statement items inspired by celebrities for the global market. Their unique selling point comes from the use of image recognition technology and AI to identify the clothing items from pictures and recommend them to customers.

4. Dable

Dable is a content discovery platform that is integrated with their proprietary Dable recommendation engine that pushes related content to consumers. The platform also allows for commerce solution and personalized native advertising.

5. PiQuant

PiQuant is a product development research company focused on creating new and innovative products across various verticals. One of their most prominent products is the IoT Liquid Scanner that answers food safety concerns.

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6. Tella

Tella is a platform that provides 1:1 English lessons via chat while featuring instant corrections from their English native tutor and analyses learners’ chat data to provide customized learning content based on their proficiency.

7. Toys Myth

Toys Myth is an IoT platform and solutions provider that leverages on both hardware and software approaches to form the All-In-One solution to the B2B markets – advancing government and private entities towards a “smart” city and building concept.

8. Vryjam 

Vryjam Company’s product comes in the form of a GIF search engine that is tailored for the regional market with Asian and Korean content. They are committed to producing up to 1 million usable GIF content on their platform in 2018.

9. XBrain

XBrain has created Daria, a cloud-based automated ML system that allows data science experts and novices alike to build predictive models and deploy them to extrapolate for results.

10. XrisP

Xrispy is a multi-content creating company that produces films, animations, games and smart content which would go on to be used in planning, content production, and publishing. They also have the capabilities to develop smart software and hardware solutions for clients.

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