What language do Singaporeans speak? They ‘sing’ like this TikTok user in hilarious comeback (Video)

English apparently isn’t Singapore’s first language, it’s singing, and this TikTok user proved it.

TikTok user ​​Periwinkletinkles represented the city-state by belting it out and going a little Mariah Carey in response to two women on another TikTok who said that Singaporeans don’t speak, they sing.

The TikTok, posted earlier this month by Australian user Nat Chipa, showed him quizzing two women about countries and what languages they speak. They had wrongly guessed the United Arab Emirates flag as Singapore’s and said SINGaporeans sing instead of speaking a language.

“I don’t think they speak, I think they sing,” the woman replied confidently.

​​Periwinkletinkles then replied with an enthusiastic “Fuck yeah, we sing!” before proceeding to sing her order of chicken rice.

“Auntie, I want a roasted chicken rice, eating here. Yes, I want to add an egg thank you,” she sang in Mandarin.

She then channeled her inner Mariah Carey by bringing in the vibrato and putting her hands on her ears.

Most of the commenters were impressed by her singing.

“Didn’t know what I was expecting, but you delivered,” The Ripple Club wrote.

User Icecreamlaksa carried on the joke by saying that our national education is actually “karaoke.”

Even Visit Singapore commented: “Our lunchtime anthem right here



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