Last home standing: Only one property survives volcanic disaster in La Palma, dubbed a ‘miracle house’

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For the first time in 50 years, a volcanic eruption took place in Spain's Canary Islands leading to massive destruction of green cover and residential places of La Palma, in Tacande.

Amid the black mass that swept across residential areas showcasing damage, surprisingly only one property survived the disaster. Currently, images of this house are going viral and it is also being dubbed as a 'miracle house'.

As molten lava continues to overflow from the cracks of Cumbre Vieja, there are a few drone images that have captured a white house with a brown roof standing tall. According to the Evening Standards report, this property belongs to a retired Danish couple.

Ada Monnikendam had built the house with her husband but could not visit the island after the pandemic hit the country. After seeing images and videos of the area, the couple got emotional to realise their home was not being destroyed by the volcano.

Watch the video here:

"We all started crying like crazy when I told them that their beloved house was intact. They told me, 'Even though we can't go now, we're relieved that it's still standing. We'll enjoy it in a while€¦ or we'll leave it to our three children," Ada told Spanish newspaper, El Mundo. The Danish lady also expressed that she was amazed to see photos of her home encircled by lava circulating on social media.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that there are still large explosions that are currently occurring from the erupting volcano as ash pours into the air.

Earlier this week, horrifying videos and photos of the volcanic eruption from the island made their way to social media where users were shocked to see the destruction and damage.

For the unversed, La Palma is an archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa and is located within the Canary Islands.

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