Last survivor of Amazon tribe captured on video ‘after 22 years alone in the jungle’

Rob Waugh

An indigenous tribesman who is the sole survivor of a brutal massacre of the rest of his tribe has been captured on video after decades living alone in the jungle.

The man – known locally as ‘the man of the hole’ due to his habit of digging holes to sleep in – has survived in the Amazon jungle of Rodonia for 22 years.

He was captured in a video released by the Brazilian agency for indigenous affairs (Funai), attempting to fell a tree.

He is thought to have his own papaya and corn plantations in the area.

Footage shows the man cutting down a tree (Funai)

The tribesman is believed to hunt forest pigs, birds and monkeys with a bow and arrow, entirely alone.

He was first spotted in the jungle in 1996 – but strict laws which forbid contact with isolated tribesmen has meant he has been left alone.

He’s believed to be the only survivor after farmers attacked his tribe, killing the other five people, in 1995.


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Survival International says he is in his 50s, and survives alone in an area surrounded by ranches.

The group says it’s ‘extraordinary’ he has survived alone for so long – given that farmers and land grabbers are interested in his territory.

There are thought to be 113 uncontacted tribes living in the Amazon. Experts have reports sightings of 27 of these.