Late night hosts joke about Andrew Yang’s freedom dividend contest: 'Asian Oprah'

Following the third Democratic presidential debates Wednesday, Trevor Noah and the rest of late night had a field day with Andrew Yang's freedom dividend contest. Yang, whose presidential platform centers around universal basic income, kicked off Wednesday's debate by turning that platform into a raffle prize for ten lucky campaign supporters.

"My campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for the entire year to ten American families," announced Yang during his opening remarks. To which Trevor Noah responded, "Whoa, look at Asian Oprah over here!"

Noah joked that Yang wasn't waiting to win the presidency to enact his policies, he's doing it right now. The Daily Show host thought it was a cool moment, but was happy the other candidates didn't follow suit. "Glad none of the others went this way. Bernie, okay, I will do my free healthcare right now! Drop your pants! Everyone's getting a prostate exam right now! Everyone is getting an exam!" joked Noah with the Oprah callback.

Meanwhile, over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel also had some fun with freedom dividend giveaway, but unfortunately, Kimmel wasn't as complimentary of the contest. "That may be the most ridiculous proposal I've seen on this network, and I've watched every episode of the Bachelorette," said Kimmel.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert played a clip of Yang's opening remarks where Yang said, "In America, everything revolves around the almighty dollar," then Colbert called out the candidate's hypocrisy for announcing a $120,000 giveaway. "Woooo! "Daddy's got deep pockets! Vote for me, and I'll make it rain! Shake 'em up, ladies, I've got a lot of cash," mocked Colbert.

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