Latvia to allocate over $21 million to Ukraine's drone coalition, same amount for drones to its own army


Latvia will invest 20 million euros ($21.75 million) in 2024 to the drone coalition to support Ukraine, Latvian Defense Minister Andris Spruds said, reported.

Latvia will spend the same amount on drones for the Latvian army, he said.

"Seeing the importance of drones in warfare and guided by Ukraine's experience, we can announce the launch of the Drone Capability Initiative this year," he said.

"We can metaphorically talk about the creation of an army of drones."

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These 20 million euros include both infrastructure development and the purchase of UAVs, with at least half of the funds directed to Latvian companies.

Seven companies have passed the drones test, with which negotiations are underway regarding the purchase of drones already in June, Spruds said.

Latvian aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Latvian President Edgars Rinkevichs signed a bilateral security agreement on April 11.

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Latvia will send the first batch of drones to Ukraine as part of the drone coalition, Latvian Prime Minister Evika Silinia said on April 16.

Latvia is ready to provide Ukraine with a short-range air defense system, Spruds said on April 22.

The Latvian-initiated drone coalition has raised about €500 million for drones for Ukraine's Defense Forces, Spruds announced on April 24.

Latvia's Latvenergo handed over equipment to Ukraine for the restoration of the energy system damaged by massive Russian attacks, it was reported on April 29.

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