Lauren Boebert Addresses Theater Groping Incident: 'I'm Human Too'

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is defending herself after causing a publicized disturbance.

The lawmaker was spotted vaping at the touring production of “Beetlejuice” in Denver last week and allegedly groping her date before being thrown out of the venue. Boebert, whose estranged husband blames himself for their divorce, explained the incident Friday.

“What happened was I messed up,” she told Fox News pundit Jesse Watters. “I went on a date night, and I am a congresswoman and a public figure, but believe it or not, I’m human too. Obviously, everyone is very interested in my personal life and … very difficult divorce.”

The Denver Post reported three theatergoers at the Buell Theatre complained that Boebert and her date were vaping, singing and recording the musical performance. Subsequent footage appeared to show her groping her date in the dark before being asked to leave.

“It’s been 20 years since I was in the dating scene,” she told Watters. “And back then, there were not infrared cameras watching my every move. But it’s a lesson learned. As I said, I’m truly humbled and apologize to my people and Colorado’s third district, those who I love.”

Boebert initially claimed she “peacefully parted” ways with Quinn Gallagher after their date. Kendra Matic — a drag queen performer at the bar Gallagher owns — alleged they’d been “dating for months.”

Boebert was ultimately skewered on “The View” for the incident.

“In defense of Lauren Boebert, who has not gone to a matinee of ‘Beetlejuice,’ gotten a little over-served, starting vaping, gotten a little handsy with someone, gotten dragged out and then flipped the bird to security?” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin cracked Tuesday.

Boebert allegedly asked theater staffers if they knew who she was while being thrown out.
Boebert allegedly asked theater staffers if they knew who she was while being thrown out.

Boebert allegedly asked theater staffers if they knew who she was while being thrown out.

Footage of the incident had spread like wildfire amid reports that her date was a Democrat. Boebert catered to her Republican base Monday and told TMZ: “All future date nights have been canceled, and I learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date.”

Boebert, who previously said companies only finance abortion-related travel costs because it’s “cheaper to kill the baby” than pay for maternity leave, reportedly argued with staffers — and asked, “Do you know who I am?” before threatening to call the mayor.

“I have apologized to my constituents [and] will continue to do so,” the 36-year-old congresswoman told Watters. “All of those in Colorado who may have felt let down, I hear you, and all I can do is promise to do better. And I certainly will.”

The mother of four went on to claim she “was very excited about the actual musical” and effortlessly shifted to lighthearted banter about being “a huge fan of ‘Beetlejuice’ before asking viewers to tell her “how it ends” before seemingly turning sincere.

“As a mother of four boys and a grandmother … that’s my first job before anything else and my priority — it’s certainly been taxing on me and my family,” she told Watters. “To have this experience broadcast for the whole world … is certainly heartbreaking.”