Lauren Boebert Suggests Effort To Fight Antisemitism Is An Attack On Conservatives

President Joe Biden announced a new plan on Thursday to fight hate, bias and violence against Jewish people and combat an alarming rise in antisemitism — and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is taking it very personally.

The president’s plan outlines more than 100 steps the administration and its partners can take to combat antisemitism, according to The Associated Press. Biden said it sends a “clear and forceful message” that “in America, evil will not win, hate will not prevail” and “the venom and violence of antisemitism will not be the story of our time.”

If you thought combating hate is something most Americans could support even in polarizing times, guess again: It seems Boebert assumed that targeting hate groups actually meant targeting conservatives.

When they say stuff like this, they mean they want to go after conservatives,” she tweeted. ”Their tactics are straight out of the USSR’s playbook.”

Many Twitter users thought Boebert was revealing something about herself in her tweet, with one person proclaiming, “Every radical MAGA GOP extremist’s accusation is a Confession!!!”

Another appreciated that the Colorado Republican seemed to admit that “conservatives are spreading hate and are antisemitic.”

Others chimed in.

As of Thursday afternoon, it looked like Boebert’s tweet was facing the dreaded Twitter ratio, but it did earn some snarky praise from one user, who called it “a self own without equal.”

Boebert’s antisemitism tweet isn’t her only hot take that turned out not so hot.

Earlier this week, she falsely claimed that having a child was cheaper than birth control.