Laverne Cox ‘slays’ in strappy black bikini: ‘Forward motion only’

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Laverne Cox is here to slay!

On Tuesday, the 49-year-old actress shared a short video to Instagram showing her rocking a strappy black bikini. She also paired the look with black heels and wore little to no makeup. 

"On second thought forward motion only....#TransIsBeautiful....This was just going to be for my man but sharing is caring," Cox captioned the post.

Celebrity friends and fans flooded the comments praising the fierceness of the star's look.


"Exactly and now that’s me going to the gym," Nicole Scherzinger admitted.

"Gurrrrllll! The SLAY IS REAL," a fan wrote.

"That suit looks phenomenal on you, beautiful you!" someone added.

"Werk it QUEEN!" another person continued.

This is far from the first time that Cox has stunned in a revealing swimsuit. In May, she posted a short video of her poolside dancing to "Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat and SZA while wearing a one-piece swimsuit that gave major underboob and a great view of her abs.

"Bday staycation in full effect. Operation relaxation implemented...#TransIsBeautiful," she wrote.

The former Orange is the New Black star popularized the hashtag #TransIsBeautiful after appearing on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in 2015 while dressed as the Statue of Liberty and holding a tablet that featured the phrase. Cox has been a staunch LGBT activist and has used her platform to bring awareness to the struggles that trans people, particularly Black trans women, face. In an essay for InStyle last year, she explained that she was inspired by a bell hooks essay that mentioned the "Black is beautiful" movement of the 60s to create the hashtag.

"I lamented that the trans community didn’t even have such a movement. And right then, onstage, I thought, 'Wouldn’t it be great if trans people had a campaign to empower us to move away from cis-normative beauty standards?' So I said, 'We should start a hashtag that says #transisbeautiful as a way to define beauty on our own terms.' I began tagging my posts, and the movement just took off," she wrote.

In the essay, she also opened up about her own journey with self-love and how her stardom has not shielded her from the mental health toll negative comments can have.

"Even at this stage in my life, when there are a lot of amazing things happening to me, I still have to remind myself of this," Cox said. "Just a few days ago I was doing a video on Instagram Live, and someone commented, 'Laverne, your voice is so deep.' And it was such a mind fuck for me. So I stopped, took a moment, and repeated to myself: 'Trans is beautiful.' I mean, some people just have deep voices! It doesn’t make me any less of a woman. And if someone has a problem with that, then that’s going to be their problem, because I’m going to love this voice. I’m going to love myself."

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