LC Kampung Baru owners upset; Line Clear closure in Penang has tarnished the brand name

Veena Babulal

The closure of Line Clear Nasi Kandar on Penang Road has tarnished the good name of the brand and affected the brand’s reputation in the country.

Salim Madinah, one of the owners of Line Clear Kampung Baru, said that the closure “will affect nasi kandar outlets everywhere in Malaysia”.

He also reiterated that the management of the outlet in Penang is different from that in Kampung Baru.

“We want to clarify that that we have nothing to do with the incident in Penang as there are members of the public who wrongly perceive that what takes place there is the same as what is happening here in Kuala Lumpur (Kampung Baru).”

Salim, also the grandson of the founder of the Penang Road outlet’s said the closure cuts deep as he was poised to take over the outlet in Penang next year with his brother and cousins.

“We are very disappointed and unhappy with the actions of the management and the workers there that has tarnished Line Clear’s good name, which my family has laboured for decades to raise until it is famous around the world,” he told reporters at a press conference in restaurant in Kampung Baru here today.

His brother Lokman Madinah also reiterated that City Hall had on Jan 9 checked the premises in Kampung Baru and gave it a 'very satisfactory' mark.

Asked if patrons or members of the public could check their kitchen to clear their misgivings, Lokman said that they might entertain such requests but on the condition that permission is sought first.

“It would have to be after working hours, plus we also have to protect our recipes,” he said.

On the incident in Penang Road, Lokman had said that the closure of the Line Clear restaurant there was done as per the council’s guidelines and not sabotage as the owner had allegedly told in the media.

“It’s not sabotage. The council is doing routine work. It’s bad management. Admit the mistake,” he said, claiming that council conducted routine checks as well when the family here ran the restaurant there.

“We have not been closed since we were established in 1949.”

On Monday, Line Clear Nasi Kandar and Yasmeen Nasi Kandar in Penang were ordered to close for two weeks for failing to comply with basic hygiene and health standards.

The Penang Island City Council and the state’s Health Department had found a dead rat and cockroaches inside the kitchen at Line Clear and dead cockroaches and rat droppings in Yasmeen Restaurant.