'League of Legends' expands into new genres through three codenamed games, fantasy sports manager

Comparisons to the Blizzard Entertainment library abound as Riot Games announces hero shooter "Project A" and action role-playing game "Project F", while "Project L" woos the fighting game community and "League of Legends Esports Manager" reimagines "Football Manager" as an own-brand spin-off.

Announced as part of Riot Games' 10th Anniversary celebrations for its flagship title, "League of Legends," "Project A" looks a little like Blizzard's character-based team shooter "Overwatch" pushed through a "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" filter (made by "Dota 2" company Valve).

The result is a soft-edged look that contains strong emphases on tactical play, special abilities and low online latency.

"Project F," meanwhile, could be Riot's response (or homage to) Blizzard's foundational action-role playing game franchise "Diablo."

Branching "League of Legends" off into the ARPG genre makes a lot of sense -- the same isometric perspective is retained, as is a reliance on bold character design and the ability to deal with countless enemies.

Fittingly, Blizzard had previously tried to go the other way, creating "Heroes of the Storm" to join the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre popularized by "LoL" and "Dota 2," though scaled back efforts towards the end of 2018.

There are just a few snippets contained within Riot's collection of 10 Year Anniversary videos but, like proposed 2020 card game "Legends of Runeterra," it appears to be set in the "LoL" homeworld.

Riot's fighting game, "Project L," brings "LoL" characters into another novel genre and makes sense of its 2016 decision to purchase a dedicated fighting game studio, started up by EVO tournament co-founder Tom Cannon.

Finally, there's "League of Legends Esports Manager," coming off like a cross between fantasy sports (already leveraged for Valve's "Dota 2" championship-adjacent Fantasy Dota) and Sega's "Football Manager" franchise, except with "LoL" instead of soccer at its heart.

Players build up their own teams comprised of real "LoL" eSports players and the game, shown running on mobile and tablet devices, is to launch alongside China's Legends Pro League in 2020.