'League of Legends' giant partnering up for story-focused games

Riot Forge will be publishing 'League of Legends' games made outside of Riot Games

Riot Forge is the new publishing label within "League of Legends" company Riot Games, partnering with other studios to create single-player and story-focused games within the same fictional universe.

As well as six spin-off projects revealed in October, "League of Legends" is expanding through a selection of story-driven games made by other developers, Riot Games announced at the 2019 Comic Con Experience in Brazil.

The first is to be shown during The Game Awards 2019, scheduled for December 12.

"League of Legends" is one of the biggest games in the world, not only in terms of player numbers but also estimated playtime and its global eSports footprint.

Like the rest of the Riot Games catalog, Riot Forge titles will be set in the Runeterra universe inhabited by the characters and events of multiplayer online game "League of Legends."

Mobile version "League of Legends: Wild Rift," auto battler "Teamfight Tactics," and digital card game "Legends of Runeterra" were three of the six spin-offs announced in October, all three due for release on Android and iOS, as opposed to "LoL" on Mac and PC platforms; "Wild Rift" will also serve as the main title's console adaptation.

Similarly, Riot Forge publications will go "wherever players are playing," the label's RiotForgeGames website explained, then confirming that PC, mobile and console figured among target platforms.

The publishing arm will support third-party studios by providing quality assurance, localization, voice-overs, research, marketing, and other services, as well as guidance through 10 years of canonical "League of Legends" lore and background as new stories drawn out of it.