League of Legends: All the item changes in Patch 12.11 you should know about

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Illustration of League of Legend champions. (Photo: Riot Games)
Riot didn't just focus on the champions in 12.11. (Photo: Riot Games)

Massive updates have once again arrived to League of Legends (LoL) in patch 12.11, following up on the huge durability update in patch 12.10 that shook up the metagame and gameplay experience.

On top of the arrival of Bel’veth and a very long list of champion buffs, nerfs and adjustments, item changes were also dropped in 12.11 to balance both weak and overpowered item outliers.

Here are all the item changes in patch 12.11 you should know about and how may affect your builds:

Grievous Wounds

Composite image of Grievous Wounds items. (Photo: Riot Games)
Some adjustments on Grievous Wounds items were also done in this patch. (Photo: Riot Games)

Though it was significantly weakened in the recent patch, Grievous Wounds still has a large impact on the game.

The reduced healing from Grievous Wounds was decreased from 30% to 20% while reduced healing for Empowered Grievous Wounds has been reduced by 10% as well.

Grevious Wounds items weren’t intended to be core items against your opponents, but rather a great counterplay for champions with overwhelming amounts of healing rather than just moderate amounts.

Picking this item to prevent early game healing for support mages like Yuumi or Soraka won’t actually have an effect on them. So, it's best to just keep poking these champs to whittle down their health in the laning phase and use the gold for something else.

For these items, the buffs on Thornmail will be very good for tanks like Malphite, who will benefit from the extra 10% armour from the item’s passive.

Bramble Vest

  • Passive: When struck by a basic attack on-hit, deal 3 > 4 magic damage to the attacker

  • Grievous Wounds: 30% >25% (also applies to Thornmail)


  • Passive – Thorns: When struck by a basic attack on-hit, deal 10 (+10% bonus armor) > 10 (+20% bonus armor) magic damage to the attacker

Executioner's Calling

  • Attack Damage: 15 >20

  • Grievous Wounds: 30% >25% (also applies to Chempunk Chainsword and Mortal Reminder)

Mortal Reminder

  • Passive – Sepsis: Basic attacking a champion while they remain affected by Grievous Wounds 3 times >2 times increases the effect

  • Empowered Grievous Wounds: 50% >40%

Chempunk Chainsword

  1. Attack Damage: 45 >55

  2. Ability Haste: 15 >25

  3. Empowered Grievous Wounds: 50% >40%

Oblivion Orb

  • Ability Power: 30 >35

  • Grievous Wounds: 30% >25% (also applies to Morellonomicon and Chemtech Putrifier)


  • Ability Power: 80 >90

  • Health: 250 >300

  • Empowered Grievous Wounds: 50% >40%

Chemtech Putrifier

  • Ability Power: 55 >60

  • Empowered Grievous Wounds: 50% >40%

Mage Items

Composite image of mage items in League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)
Some mage items including Liandry's Anguish were given attention. (Photo: Riot Games)

The dev team has been working on balancing the power levels of AP Mythics but as a result of the Durability Update, several items have been either over-prioritized or overlooked.

Liandry's Anguish and Riftmaker, in particular, benefited from the Durability Update due to longer combat times while Everfrost has been strong for so long.

All in all, these items are receiving nerfs.

These will also be indirect nerfs to champions like Swain, Anivia and Brand, who oftentimes utilize Liandry’s Anguish, while the Everfrost nerf can affect Nunu & Willump.

Crown is already an oftentimes overlooked item, and 12.10 made it even less desirable, so buffs to the item were warranted. Some buffs were also given to Riftmaker’s ability power, while Night Harvester’s ability haste has increased and given a lower cooldown to make it more attractive to AP assassins.

Crown of the Shattered Queen

  • Ability Power: 60 >70 (80 >90 for Ornn Masterwork item, Caesura)


  • Active – Slow/Root Duration: 1.5 >1 second (same for Ornn Masterwork item, Eternal Winter)

Liandry's Anguish

  • Torment – Burn Damage: 60 (+6% AP) (+4% maximum health) > 50 (+6% AP) (+4% maximum health) (same for Ornn Masterwork item, Liandry's Lament)

Night Harvester

  • Ability Haste: 15 > 25 (20 > 30 for Ornn Masterwork item, Vespertide)

  • Cooldown per Champion: 40 >30 seconds (same for Ornn Masterwork item, Vespertide)


  • Ability Power: 80 > 70 (100 >90 for Ornn Masterwork item, Icathia's Curse)

Tank Items

Composite image of tank items from League of Legends. (Photo: Riot games)
Because tanks have been underperforming since the durability update, so a lot of items were buffed to help them out. (Photo: Riot games)

Tanks were supposed to benefit from the Durability Update, but they haven’t been doing as well as everyone expected. That’s because everyone else has gotten tankier.

“The tank class's main advantage has been nerfed (relatively speaking),” the dev notes mentioned, and with their low damage, they barely can make a dent in anyone’s health.

As a result, the devs focused on increasing the health of tank items and buffing some Legendaries, so they don’t fall behind everyone else.

Bami’s Cinder

  • Total Cost: 1100 >1000 gold

  • Combine Cost: 300 >200 gold

Frostfire Gauntlet

  • Combine Cost: 950 >1050 gold (total cost unchanged)

  • Health: 350 > 450 (500 > 600 for Ornn Masterwork item, Rimeforged Grasp)

Sunfire Aegis

  • Combine Cost: 700 > 800 gold (total cost unchanged)

  • Health: 350 > 450 (500 > 600 for Ornn Masterwork item, Forgefire Crest)

Turbo Chemtank

  • Combine Cost: 950 > 1050 (total cost unchanged)

  • Health: 350 > 450 (500 > 600 for Ornn Masterwork item, Turbocharged Hexperiment)

Abyssal Mask

  • Magic Resistance: 30 > 35

  • Unmake – Bonus Magic Resistance: Gain 7 > 9 bonus magic resistance per cursed enemy

Knight's Vow

  • Ability Haste: 10 > 20

Randuin's Omen

  • Armor: 80 > 90

Spirit Visage

  • Magic Resistance: 40 > 50

Zeke's Convergence

  • Armor: 25 > 35

Fighter Items

Composite image of fighter items in League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)
Here are the fighter items that got buffed and nerfed in 12.11. (Photo: Riot Games)

Nerfs were due to Death’s Dance and Maw of Malmortius after 12.10, since they’re “still too powerful”. Blade of the Ruined King is getting a buff since it hasn’t been performing as well as it should.

This should be good for ADCs that are building against tanks. Meanwhile, a buff on Sterak’s Gage will give a boost to Bruisers.

Death's Dance

  • Defy – Heal Ratio: 140% > 120% bonus AD

Blade of the Ruined King

  • Lifesteal: 7% > 8%

Maw of Malmortius

  • Cooldown: 60 > 75 seconds

Sterak's Gage

  • The Claws that Catch – Bonus AD: 40% > 45% base AD

  • Lifeline – Shield: 70% > 75% bonus health


  • Mythic Passive: 5 > 7 Ability Haste per Legendary item (same for Ornn Masterwork item, Ceaseless Hunger)

Kraken Slayer

  • Bring it Down – Bonus True Damage: (+45% bonus AD) > 50 (+40% bonus AD) (same for Ornn Masterwork item, Wyrmfallen Sacrifice)

Umbral Glaive

  • Umbral Glaive's been giving a bit too much vision control, so we're reverting half of the cooldown buff from 12.7.

  • Cooldown:35 > 40 seconds

For more details on Patch 12.11, check here.

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