Wild Rift Icons in Singapore: 24 teams, US$2 million prize pool, and more

Wild RIft Icons is coming! Which team are you rooting for? Photo: Riot Games
The first-ever League of Legends: Wild Rift world champions will be crowned in the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship, which will take place from 14 June to to 9 July in the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore. (Photo: Riot Games)

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Icons Global Championship is almost here. The tournament will be the culminating event for this year's Wild Rift esports season and is also the title's first-ever global tournament comparable to the League of Legends World Championship.

Icons gathers 24 of the best Wild Rift teams from across the globe to compete for the first-ever Wild Rift world championship title and the lion’s share of a US$2 million prize pool.

The event will run from 14 June to 9 July and will be hosted in the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore, which has previously hosted the Wild Rift Horizon Cup in 2021.

The tournament was originally planned for Madrid but was moved to Singapore due to difficulties in getting visas for the original venue.

Here’s everything else you need about the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship:

Format & Schedule

Icons will be split into three stages: the Play-ins, Group Stage, and the Knockout Stage.

Play-ins (14-18 June)

At the Play-ins, 16 teams will compete to qualify for a slot in the Group Stage. Teams are separated into four groups of four, with teams from the same region not being assigned to the same group.

All groups will play in a best-of-three double-elimination bracket. Only two of the four teams advance to the Group Stage, with the bottom two teams getting eliminated.

Group Stage (21-25 June)

The Group Stage will feature the eight teams that qualified from the Play-ins stage and the top-seeded teams from Wild Rift's eight competitive regions.

Once again, teams will be drawn into groups of four and will play in a best-of-three double-elimination bracket. Teams from the same region nor in the same Play-ins group shall not be drawn into the same group.

The top two teams of each group will advance to the Knockout Stage, while the bottom two teams of each shall be eliminated from the competition.

Knockout Stage (1-9 July)

Each team will be pitted against a team from another group in a best-of-five match in the quarterfinals. The winners will move to the semifinals, where they will battle it out in a semifinal best-of-five match.

The two teams that came out on top in the semis will then battle it out in the best-of-seven grand finals for the grand prize and the first-ever Wild Rift world championship title.

Prize Pool

The total prize pool for Icons is US$2,000,000, the breakdown of which is yet to be announced.

In addition, an extra 25% of all Majestic Empress Morgana Skin purchases will be distributed evenly to the teams that will finish in the Top 8.

Participating teams:

Twenty four teams across eight regions have qualified for Wild Rift Icons (Photo: Riot Games)
Twenty four teams across eight regions have qualified for Wild Rift Icons (Photo: Riot Games)


Wild Rift League (China)

JD Gaming

Nova Esports

J Team

Wild Rift Champions SEA (SEA)

Flash Wolves

Rex Regum Queon

Buriram United

Wild Rift Champions Korea (Korea)



Wild Rift Open Latino America (Latin America)

Furious Gaming

STMN Esports

Wild Rift Tour Brasil (Brazil)

Keyd Stars


EMEA Championship (Europe)



Wild Rift Japan Cup (Japan)

Unsold Stuff Gaming

North America Series (North America)


Group Stage:

FunPlus Phoenix — Wild Rift League (China)

Team Flash — Wild Rift Champions SEA (SEA)

KT Rolster — Wild Rift Champions Korea (Korea)

Sengoku Gaming — Wild Rift Japan Cup (Japan)

Omegha E-sports — Wild Rift Tour Brasil (Brazil)

Leviatán — Wild Rift Open Latino America (Latin America)

Immortals — North America Series (North America)

Team Queso — EMEA Championship (Europe)

Where to watch

Wild Rift fans can tune in to the official Wild Rift Twitch and YouTube channels to catch all of the action. You can also follow the official Wild Rift esports Twitter account for more updates on the event.

For more details on Wild Rift Icons, check here.

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