LeBron James Jr. visits Duke, tours Cameron Indoor Stadium with AAU team

LeBron James Jr., left, has been getting a lot of attention for his own skills on the hardwood, including a visit with one of college basketball’s blue bloods. (Getty)

LeBron James Jr. has been getting a lot of attention online lately, not just for being the son of a basketball icon, but for his own skills on the hardwood.

The 13-year-old is showing court vision, athleticism and shooting touch in highlight videos that have many believing he can live up to the hype of being the son of King James.

LeBron James Jr. visits Duke with North Coast Blue Chips

His talent and pedigree earned him a visit to basketball hallowed ground over the weekend as he visited Duke with his AAU team, the North Coast Blue Chips.

The Devil’s Den has the details of their visit, which included a tour of Cameron Indoor Stadium and the K Center, Duke’s practice facility.

Former Duke player Nolan Smith led the tour, and incoming freshman phenom Zion Williamson chatted with the team in a video posted by The Devil’s Den.

Bronny’s visit was not official

While it wasn’t an official visit, and Duke reportedly doesn’t offer scholarships to players as young as James, his being linked to Duke and Mike Krzyzewski further solidifies that he’s a talent to be reckoned with on his own merit. 

It appears too early to tell if James and Duke are seriously on each other’s radars. James, class of 2022, is four years away from deciding on his post-high school path, and a lot can change between now and then. And at 5-11, James still has a lot of growing to do to determine his place on a basketball court.

Does LeBron Jr. have college basketball in his future?

Krzyzewski is 71, and his years leading the Duke program are getting short. The NBA appears intent on ending the one-and-done rule that forces recent high school graduates to attend college or play overseas.

If James continues to develop and grow, college basketball may not be on his radar by then. 

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