Lee Perrin Leveling the Financial Playing Field Through Finance Flex, Inc

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Numerous businesses are budding on an everyday basis engendering the necessity of productive financial tools and funds. Every business requires financial consultation and support for achieving their desired success.

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Finance Flex, Inc, headquartered in Virginia, is the one-stop solution for several financial services, including business credit, Business Loan brokering, personal financial management, budgeting and investing. Finance Flex possesses around 20 years of experience in this domain while enhancing financial literacy and "generational wealth". They strive to foster trusted relationships with their clients through their core values – honesty, professionalism, and integrity.

“We do not help the losers win; we help winners win more” – says Lee Perrin founder of Finance Flex, Inc and 5&1 Consulting Group, Inc.

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Lee Perrin (President & CEO of Finance Flex) was born & brought up in The Bronx, New York, and earned a B.S from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Afterwards, he entered into the fitness domain as a personal trainer for 12 years in Virginia. However, he had a knack for finance from the beginning as suggested from his educational degree in Finance & Investment. In addition, he holds an Executive Certificate in Social Media Marketing from MIT and an Executive Certificate in Digital Marketing from Columbia Business School. These educational milestones corroborate his unparalleled expertise in effectuating the swift financial growth of any business.

In around 2016, he made a complete transition, moving from the fitness niche to Business Consulting, knowing it has more potential. In addition to being a helping and friendly individual, he loves spending time with his family. He even changed the name of his company to “5&1 Consulting Group” in 2018 after his son was born. The company name, signifying 5-daughters and 1-son at that time. In 2019 he and his wife welcomed a 6th daughter to their family. Further in 2019, he decided to separate the financial consultation component from the company creating Financial Flex, Inc. He then put his youngest daughter’s initials in the Finance Flex Logo, being she wasn’t a part of the “5&1” name.

According to Lee Finance Flex is more of a family than a company, thus creating a friendly, inclusive work environment to reach a new level of productivity.

Darale Cephas is one of the Lead Finance Specialists and holds common core values with the company. “I find pride in being part of a company that evens the playing field for people that look like me”.

Hosea Ottley is the other Lead Finance Specialist who “loves to elevate the financial condition of the black community, which this company also aims for. I find pride in helping others while learning priceless lessons”.

Other valuable executives include Samantha Robinson (Vice President), Artsy Ford (Chief Financial Officer), and J LaBron Anderson (Director of Marketing), adding commendable value to the Finance Flex Family.

Finance Flex, Inc aims to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and everyday Americans with their diverse culture of excellence. They provide financial services, including Business Funding Programs, Tradeline services, Business Loan Brokering: 401K loans, term loans, MCA loans, SBA Loans, Commercial Real estate, Private Money Loans and other constructive financial assistance. Their easy-going and effective techniques eliminate the stressful routine while reaping the desired fundings for remarkable business expansion.

Finance Flex, Inc's CEO also owns a non-profit organization named Luis G Perrin Foundation, Inc named after his late brother Luis G. Perrin, his brother passed away in 2017 at 35 years old from Cancer. LGP Foundation mentors the youth to be productive and educate them in various coaching circles. Their work ethics and financial expert panel work for the client goals as if their own, establishing the success for each client.

The company conducts comprehensive community enrichment programs, funding events focusing on levelling the playing field for everyone. The work culture and core values are apt for the clients to improve their financial skills, including budgeting, management, and investing. Their experience, talent, and expertise as a team make them stand out.

“If you want to grow fast, move alone. If you want to grow huge, move Together.” – is their bedrock belief towards community enrichment.

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