Lee Siu Kei in financial difficulties post-stroke

11 Feb - Not a lot of people know that Hong Kong actor Lee Siu Kei suffered from financial difficulties due to a stroke that affected his mobility, and that is because he made the decision not to make it a public affair.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, a former triad member known for his many mobster roles, recently spoke to the media about his condition, saying that he has been spending his savings for treatment since his stroke two years ago.

"I have stopped working since the stroke. Of course, I have been having money problems since then. The hardest time would be the period before the Lunar New Year," he said.

The "Young and Dangerous" actor admitted that he had no money at all to the point that his landlord had to file a lawsuit against him.

"I understand him. He has the right to do so. Luckily my friend helped me with the money to pay back the rent," he added.

While Lee himself is known for his kindness, he admitted that he wasn't keen on bothering people with his problem.

"I would always remember those people who helped me in times of need, like Teresa Mok, Law Kar Ying, and Johnnie To. I am very thankful that they helped me in the time of need," he said.

(Photo Source: Mingpao.com)