Leehom carries torch for Olympics

Leehom carries torch for Olympics

29 Jun - American born Taiwan-based singer Leehom Wang is again a torchbearer for the Summer Olympic Games in London this year, making him the only Taiwanese singer to take part in the event twice. The event was also joined by four other Taiwanese athletes.

Running for the Olympic torch relay in Manchester, United Kingdom, the 440m torch relay journey took the singer 10 minutes to complete.

Leehom wowed the British including the local Chinese community when he jumped and did the splits in the air as a gesture of completing his run.

"All the world will be watching enthusiastically and is looking forward to the Olympic Games. It is a platform that makes people believe in world peace. I am very honoured to take part in this and cheer for the athletes," Wang was quoted by Asia News Network as saying.

Before he arrived at the event location for the run, his fans reportedly blocked the bus from moving, delaying the torch relay event for more than an hour. The bus finally got on road after the police assisted on clearing the way.

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