Workers' Party town councillors face lawsuit over alleged $33 million improper payments

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    claiming $33 million in payments? That's probably all the projects, work that FMSS had provided.
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    Takeshi Victor
    I pity Workers PArty. Getting all these trouble for just mere salary??? I think they are true blue Singaporean!
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    Cannot understand why kept causing trouble and find fault with the WP whereas they themselves have many more faults and troubles
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    Sunset Singapore
    With the Lee Family saga, this is another way of turning the attention to opposition wrong doing. Partly to make Singapore lost confident on Opposition party, also make us forget about LSL bad character that claim by his own brother and sister. Don't fall into PAP trap. VTO the next time.
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    Suffering Singaporean
    Is this a FIXING Wayang or sideshow that the FIXERS are enacting as a bunch of Whiter Than White Elites

    What do you think?.
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    I remembered AMK TC has corruption cases that CPIB needs investigation?
    Till now, nothing heard out? Or sweep under the carpets?
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    PAP town councils lost millions and millions and no one accountable. Billions lost also no one accountable. Helmsman is running this ship aground.
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    I thought the Government has many many lapses in their finances and they said they just need to learn from it. Why treat this case so harshly?
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    The PAPpies are paid by millions to fix the opposition rather than looking at how to boost the economy. Secondly, can't even fixed the familee problems. Nobody would dare to believe that WP would not be a fool to cheat the TC. Whereas, has not responded to AIM and the corruption case in AMKTC. How about the HDB appointed the company of former MP of Marine Parade, Mathias Yeo as the managing of all the HDB TC and projects. Can we trust the present government and PAPpies????
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    Revenge time for questioning him during parliament... he felt no face.
    We all knew this will come.