Legless body in suitcase: Two Pakistani nationals to hang for murder

Photo of High Court (Yahoo Newsroom)

Two Pakistani nationals who were on trial for killing a compatriot to recover money they had lost in a game of cards were found guilty of murder and sentenced to hang on Friday (17 Feb).

Rasheed Muhammad, 45, and Ramzan Rizwan, 27, had smothered Muhammad Noor on June 11, 2014, at their lodging house in Little India before sawing off his legs to pack his body into two suitcases.

According to media reports, Ramzan pressed a shirt over the victim’s face while Rasheed strangled the victim with a string. They then took $6,000 from the victim, who was 59.

The pair, who sold tissues for a living, disposed of one suitcase at the Jalan Kubor Muslim cemetery. They abandoned the other suitcase along Syed Alwi Road after one of its wheels broke and blood began dripping from the suitcase when they tried to carry it.

A few hours later, an 81-year-old man stumbled upon the bag and tried to push it to a police station. One passerby who tried to help him with the suitcase called the police after learning there was a body inside.

The two, whose movements had been captured by CCTVs, were arrested separately the following day.

Both men blamed each other for the murder during trial, but High Court Justice Choo Han Teck ruled based on evidence that both men had participated in the act.