Lego blasts off Space Shuttle Discovery kit, complete with Hubble telescope

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The Space Shuttle Discovery and Hubble Space Telescope go on sale April 1 for $200.

From April 1, Lego will be selling a new, exceptional construction kit of NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery, accompanied by the Hubble Space Telescope. Created in collaboration with NASA, the kit includes over 2,300 pieces for enthusiasts to assemble.

Lego's new construction kit of the Space Shuttle Discovery has been created in collaboration with the US space agency NASA. It features two elements: the Discovery shuttle itself and the Hubble telescope.

Everything has been carefully reproduced, and in great detail, from the landing gear to the flight deck and crew seating. The shuttle's payload bay can even be opened to deploy Hubble, which features adjustable solar panels. Both models are accompanied by stand-up plaques displaying key technical information.

Recommended for builders age 18+, the 2,354-piece kit (10283) goes on sale from April 1, 2021, for US$200. The result will look no doubt its best displayed next to the Saturn V launcher or the International Space Station.

Note that this release coincides with the 40th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch (Columbia, launched April 12, 1981). Discovery made its first flight in 1984 and Hubble was placed in orbit in 1990.

Check out the Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery in this video:

David Bénard