Legoland Malaysia can be fun for the young-at-heart, too

Legoland isn’t just for kids. Photos: Mummy and Daddy Daycare

In last week’s post, we wrote about traipsing across Legoland Malaysia with two young children. We must admit that during our two-day visit, we did wish we could spend more time at certain attractions or go on multiple rides, but we could not as our young kids were with us, and anyone with kids will know that children are not the most patient people.

If you have older children or are a Lego fan yourself, Legoland is still definitely worth a visit. Here’s what we found fun for adults and older children at the park.

Thrill rides

A ride down the rapids in Dino Island.

In the Land of Adventure is a Dino Island flume ride, with a steep drop down the rapids where you get splashed with lots of water at the end. If you don’t fancy walking around soaking wet afterward, there are also a couple of body dryers available for RM10 (S$3.20) after the ride. If you were born in the same era as us, this ride really reminded us of the flume ride at Haw Par Villa in Singapore many years back – we loved getting splashed with water on that one!

A castle in Lego Kingdoms.

We also really enjoyed walking through the Lego Kingdoms, as it brought back wonderful memories of our walks through the cobbled streets and the castles in England, which we visited some years back. Mummy also really liked The Dragon roller coaster ride in Lego Kingdoms – another fun ‘ride’ down memory lane.

Lego Miniland

The Singapore Flyer in Lego Miniland.

Apart from the rides, we really enjoyed a quiet walk through Miniland, which features Asian cities built out of Lego. The Singapore exhibit features the Singapore Flyer, with the Fullerton hotel and the area around the Singapore River, and our famous Merlion spouting water.

The entire area is unsheltered and one of the questions on our minds was how they have managed to maintain the Lego with the sun constantly beating down on the exhibits. Later, we were pleased to learn that as part of Legoland’s development plan, Miniland will be fully shaded by June.

If you head up on a weekend, there are also Miniland guided tours conducted by the master model builder on Friday and Saturday evenings.

An outdoor Star Wars performance with the Jedi Knights.

If you are a Star Wars fan, you still have this weekend to plan a visit to Legoland, as there is a Star Wars Miniland exhibition until 31 May, featuring the six episodes of the Star Wars saga built in Lego. Our four-year-old also enjoyed the exhibit as it is interactive, with buttons to press at each station to make the exhibits move (think: Storm troopers ‘shooting’ with laser lights).

We are not Star Wars fans, but we still enjoyed the walk through (and the air-con reprieve). We found out that this exhibit took 8,000 hours to build, with 1.5 million bricks – definitely worth a visit if you are a Star Wars fan. There was also an outdoor Star Wars performance with the Jedi Knights – while we enjoyed it, all we could think of was how warm the performers must have been in their thick costumes!

The Water Park, shops and restaurants

Exciting slides at the Legoland Water Park.

Both Mummy and Daddy grew up during the era of Fantasy Island in Sentosa (which we both loved when we were younger), and we were itching to go down the large curvy tunnel slides in the Legoland Water Park, which looked so enticing. Alas, that was not quite possible as we had two young kids to take care of. Though we could of course have taken turns to go, it wouldn’t have been as fun as going up together as a couple.

If you are a Lego collector, do bring along a Maybank credit card, as this card gives a 10 per cent discount at all the Lego shops and restaurants in the theme park as well as at the Legoland Hotel. While there are several Lego shops across the theme park, be sure to visit the Big Shop found near the entrance, as it is the largest Lego store in South-east Asia, and sells some accessories that cannot be found elsewhere. We were also able to engrave our Lego block keychains with our names.

A buffet station at Bricks Family Restaurant.

As Singaporeans, we love a good buffet. Before we had children, we had always celebrated special occasions with a buffet, where we could eat to our heart’s content without being pressured by fidgety kids. The international dinner buffet spread at the Legoland Hotel was really good, with a wide variety of cuisines including an outdoor grill with prawns and satay. There was also a good selection of food for those with food allergies, which was great for us as our four-year-old is sensitive to certain food. Needless to say, he absolutely enjoyed the buffet and even had three scoops of chocolate ice cream for dessert.

One of the things we really loved about Legoland is that there really is something for everyone in the family – whether you are two or 52. Our visit to the theme park really brought out the child in each of us parents, and we thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We’ll definitely head back again in future.

Mummy and Daddy Daycare are the pseudonyms of a Singaporean husband and wife who are raising two young boys aged four and one, nicknamed Barnacles and Kwazii from the children’s Octonauts series. Get into the minds of this couple who describe parenthood as a lifetime adventure – you are always learning something new! Whoever said parenting was a walk in the park?

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