Leni: "I wanted the other pornstar's role"

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Leni: "I wanted the other pornstar's role"

7 Jul – Soft porn actress Leni Lan Yan admits that she preferred the role of her screen rival, the Japanese AV actress, Saori Hara, in "Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" because it was "more hardcore and pleasurable," according to Tom.com as reported by May Daily website.

The raunchy actress, 25, was on a Mainland TV talk show to discuss her part in filming the hit 3D movie that has been making waves around the world, being touted as the world's first 3D porno in theatrical release.

She said she filmed sex scenes for almost 24 consecutive hours and could "barely breathe" at the end of it.

She also admits, for the first time, that she has a boyfriend and said he "turned very jealous when watching the sex scenes".

"But when my boyfriend met the actor in person, he was not angry any more, because he was convinced the actor was highly professional," Lan was quoted as saying.