Leon Lai drops hints about payment delay during concert

18 Aug - Cantopop Heavenly King Leon Lai's peculiar speech at his two-day concert "Leon Random Run" in Guangzhou recently was revealed to have been caused by the issue concerning his payment by the concert organiser.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who performed in front of thousands of fans made an ambiguous remark towards the end of his song, "My Dear", saying that his management has informed him of some minor issues with the organiser.

"But I don't care about that. I just let the company deal with it while I am entertaining all of you," he said.

After much digging, fans found out that Leon has not yet been paid for the two shows that he did.

It is noted that mainland organisers delaying payment to performers is not a new issue, as it has occurred before with other artistes as well. However, record labels would usually choose to boycott the show until payment is made.

However, unlike most singers, Leon decided to do the show instead for the sake of his fans, with sources saying that the singer didn't want to disappoint fans from Guangzhou and nearby areas who have already bought tickets to the show.

Instead, he decided to highlight the issue during his performance as a reminder to concert organisers to take responsibility.

(Photo Source: orientalsunday.hk)