Leon Perera must apologise to Parliament for Mediacorp footage remarks: Grace Fu

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    Temasek Holdings has a stake in Mediacorp while HC is the CEO and wife of PM. No conflict of interests? And you're calling for clean and honest politics?
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    Leon Perera is correct about Mediacorpse.
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    My understanding is that Mr Perera was clarifying why did the Mediacorp was given the authority to edit on parliamentary clip whatever way they like, that's all! Whether it is a fact, the related minister or even the CEO of the Mediacorp have to report in the parliament, what's wrong?!
    Don't forget, the clip on the opposition part could be cut away for certain purpose, so can't blame the opposition member had to check with the related minister whether the company has the consent from the ministry in the first place. We are talking about parliament discussion and debate of motion that will appear to us, so if that concerns our whole nation, shouldn't a MP voice out his concern?
    I am surprised why the PAP MP did not voice out in the first place. It is good that fresh eyes and alternate perspective are shed on this sensitive matter!
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    Instead of putting words in Leon Perera's mouth to divert attention from the main issue, the question is, why is it so coincidental that Mediacorp had rectified the clip 2 days before Leon Perera emailed them? What/who has prompt Mediacorp to do so? PAP owe's Singaporeans an answer.
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    what is S'pore's Press Freedom ranking again?!
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    Pappies not happy with WP asking the right questions, now wanna instill fear to quiet them down. If in parliament we cannot seek to clarify matters, then what is parliament for? Nobody should ask questions or point out mistakes? If everyone already do all checks and investigations, why bother to ask in parliament? Might as well just file a police report or law suit? Afterall, everything investigated and checked to be valid, no need for anyone to explain or clarify. Parliament is really just a wayang place!
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    Recall this GFu announced that "due to commercial considerations", there will be no live telecast of Joseph Schooling's swimming events during the last Olympics. But on the same day, another agency corrected her and said there will in fact be live telecasts. Did she apologize for her fake news?

    In the recent & on-going SMRT woes, KBW said our rail reliability had reached a new milestone of 480,000 MKBF, which is better than the world benchmark (TW's 450,000). Yet within a couple of weeks/months, we had seen a major flooding, a collision & numerous "track/signal/minister/whatever" faults. KBW attributed the flooding to SMRT falsifying their maintenance records. So the 480,000 MKBF also not falsified, hor??? These ministers being paid million$ but still cannot think properly. Did GFu said anything about such "unfounded allegations" that were clearly intended to mislead the public on the FAILED management in SMRT? Kettle Fu calling pot black, hor?
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    Grace Fu herself said that Leon has parliamentary privilleage. This means he is entitled to ask questions and may in the course of doing so make factual mistakes. So it is for members of the house to debate and set the record straight. WHAT is there to apologize? We didn’t elect MPs in parliament to pick on the opposition - please solve our SMRT problems and PMET jobs problems and CPF Special Account problems. That will serve us better.
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    Petty and waste time. There are bigger things need to resolve not things among mps or political family matters.
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    Why must a PAP MP speak up for Mediacorp? Aren't they separate entities? LOL