Leon Perera refutes Chee Hong Tat’s Facebook post on Parliamentary video footage

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    No point arguing. See the video of the footage before and after by Mediacorp revealed will give you the answer.
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    Toby Mac
    Chee Hong Tat, you are a Buffon and if standing in an affluent single seat constituency, you will never stand a chance.
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    Why is a minister having to defend for Mediacorp?
    If Mediacorp thinks that they are being wrongly accused they can always sue like what the PAP like to propose when they can't prove otherwise.
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    Its lame PAP SCAM to dirvert attention from the SMRT issue.
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    Otherwise, how SG media is ranked 151 in the world?
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    Most Singaporeans may not be smart but they are definitely not stupid. y harder cheeeeese
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    Frankly many singaporean dont like tgus chee hong guy. Hope he will not be vited in unfortunately always rude on grc route.....single smc he may not win.
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    Mary Tan Ah Lian
    Just a case of yours, mine and the whole truth : just view the video recording.
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    All these P$P MPs are really jiak liao bee . . All they do is sabo opposition just like their masters, the dishonourable son . . Hopeless
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    They can always twist and turn as they have strong begging from the whole parliament