Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumoured new girlfriend sparks age gap comparison with Pedro Pascal

Leonardo DiCaprio has sparked yet another rumour that he is dating a woman many years younger than he is, after pictures emerged of him attending a party with 19-year-old Israeli model Ebony Riley.

Now, social media users have added a strange new context by comparing the alleged 29-year age gap between DiCaprio and Riley to Pedro Pascal’s age gap with his The Last Of Us co-star Bella Ramsey.

Neither DiCaprio nor Riley have confirmed if they are in a relationship. The Don’t Look Up star has previously been criticised for never publicly dating a woman over the age of 25.

But Twitter users have been sharing snaps of Pascal, 47, and Ramsey, 19, to demonstrate how stark the age difference is.

In the hit HBO series The Last of Us, Pascal plays Joel, who is tasked with protecting a young girl named Ellie (Ramsey) as they try to reach safety in a post-apocalyptic world where people who have been infected by a fungus turn violent as they try to spread it.

Joel’s role as a father figure to Ellie is made even more apparent by their age gap.

Comparing Pascal and Ramsey’s age gap to DiCaprio and Riley’s, some Twitter users branded the latter as “gross” and “awkward”.

“The ick is at all-time high,” wrote one person, while another said they “nearly spat out my drink” after realising how different the two relationships are despite having a similar age gap.

A third said: “As a rule, if you’re old enough to remember 9/11 you cannot date someone whose school years were interrupted by Covid.”

DiCaprio was spotted out with Riley last week during the release party for her new EP.

He was previously romantically linked to 23-year-old model Victoria Lamas, who he was last spotted out in public with in December.

Lamas is the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, who told the New York Postin December that she was “smitten” by DiCaprio but insisted they are “friends, not in a serious relationship”.

The Oscar-winning actor reportedly broke up with his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone, just after her 25th birthday in June last year.

Reports that the pair had split up emerged in August, after fans joked on social media that the relationship was about to come to an end after they learned she was turning 25 last year.

The Independent has contacted DiCaprio’s representative for comment.