Lesley Chiang denies father Paul Chun had a stroke

12 Jul – Hong Kong singer Lesley Chiang has dismissed rumours that her father, Hong Kong actor Paul Chun, has recently suffered a stroke.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who appeared in TVB City recently, stated that she was surprised to hear the rumour and didn't know how it started.

"My dad is fine and very healthy. He just returned to Hong Kong after filming in Thailand, and is currently taking a break," she said.

Lesley also stated that Paul is a person who takes good care of his health and would always make sure to eat healthy.

"Maybe it was someone else with the surname Chun who had a stroke and people mistook him for my dad," she suggested.

Paul's son, singer Benji Chiang, also refuted the rumour by sharing a video of the actor doing push ups on a bench, looking as healthy as ever.

(Photo Source: CCUE)