Leslie Cheung's origami display delayed

Leslie Cheung's origami display delayed

29 Mar – After announcing that they will be displaying the two million fan-made origami cranes on 28 March 2013 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung's passing, Leslie's former manager Florence Chan recently revealed that the display will have to be delayed to the 30th due to technical reasons.

According to TVB News World, on 28 March, Florence clarified, "Although it was originally scheduled for today, the 10th anniversary commemorative activities and the two million origami cranes' display for the Guinness World Record will be postponed until the 30th as the authorities are still cautiously calculating the origami crane amount."

Ever since his death on 1 April 2003, Japanese fans would present thousands of origami cranes to express their love for him every year. This year, however, fans of the late singer-actor around the world ambitiously made two million origami cranes for the world record, as a solid tribute to their favourite idol's 10th year of passing.

In addition, his Japanese fans also folded 3650 origami cranes that represented the 3650 days that he left the world. The cranes will be presented at Leslie's memorial tab situated at Po Fook Hill on 2 April.

Meanwhile, the memorial concert, entitled, "I Miss You Much" will include performers such as the Jacky Cheung, Vivian Chow, Joey Yung, the Grasshoppers, joined by Karen Mok, Anthony Wong, Leo Ku, William So and Hins Cheung among other stars.

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