Would you let a dolphin help you give birth?

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    What is the dolphin's response to dolphin assisted birthing? We honoured the mothers' decision but what abt the dolphins? Like Di said, it's best to leave the wild alone.
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    Dolphin goes hungry and decide to have a baby snack - then blame who? What about Gorilla assisted birth? Do it with hump-back whales and have a whale of a time. Nothing else better to do than get conned with such gimmicks.

    They say when you give birth in a car at high speed the baby will learn to drive at the age of 2. Also my grandmother say if you drink black coffee regularly while pregnant, your child can turn out to be dark skin.
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    why simply do not let dolphins free to be dolphins in the ocean??????? This is simply another way to exploit them!!!! shameful!
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    Insane! A dolphin is a WILD animal and neither an amusement park clown nor a birth assistant! Are humans completely out of their minds now? And the day the first mother or baby is attacked or even killed, everybody will turn away and pretend not to have known...
    I definitely won´t mourn them...
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    Ridiculous! That's what doctors, nurses, midwives are for! If you need a dolphin to help you give birth, you shouldn't have a baby in the first place!
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    Well dolphins aren't necessarily benign. I heard about dolphins who tried to rape divers. Have a feeling that the new headline in a few weeks will be "Dolphin ate baby"
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    Cherish May
    Oh! It ist actually a new birthing process,,but isn't it dangerous?
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    I mean... what? This is totally SICK! Leave dolphins swimming in the ocean. PUNTO.
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    Women, just lithotomy then push or have ur belly be sliced then ur done.
    Leave the dolphins alone.... as said.
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    Melbourne Dolphin
    Yet another form of Dolphin exploitation! I would have serious misgivings about any mothers mentality to be wanting to go down this road. Just another money making scam at the expense of a sentient being. Quite literally makes me feel ill!!!