Lexus ES to be Equipped with World’s First Digital Outer Mirrors

Patrick Everett Tadeo
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    why is the monitor remain far from the driver? why not incorporate the monitor in front of the driver?
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    I see potential in this technology. wider view, night vision, extra guidance tech. It does assist the driver better but we don't need them really. There are handful of issues too like cost of repair, stolen camera,
  • J
    Really??? How much for repair in case gets broekn?? Hahahah
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    This is a great innovation. My problem with side mirrors, is during rainy days i can barely see vehicles in the side mirrors. The windows are wet, and the mirrors are wet. So all you can see are the headlights. So good luck during the daytime when there's no headlights you can use to focus on.

    I hope the cameras and video screens are in 4K resolution.
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    i can use 2 ipad instead
  • M
    this technology for those person not thingking right
  • J
    Hopefully it is equipped with night vision, anti-glare and a recorder. PTZ adjustments too.
  • H
    more money for the thief soon hahaha