LFL slams lack of transparency over cadet’s death in Lumut naval base

Ranjit Singh
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KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 ― Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) criticised the Perak Health Department and a public hospital today for refusing to release the final post-mortem report on the death of Soosaimanicckam Joseph at the Lumut naval base.

Mahajoth Singh and Zaid Malek, who represent the family of the deceased, claimed Hospital Seri Manjung in Perak refused to allow them to accompany Calvin, brother of Soosaimanicckam, during a meeting yesterday on the hospital’s refusal to release the post-mortem report.

“Despite repeated request, the Manjung Government Hospital which conducted the autopsy has refused to release the final and conclusive post-mortem report to the family of the deceased,” the lawyers said.

They said they were later informed that Dr. Noorisah Mahat Noor, Deputy Director of the Perak Health Department, had made an order to bar them to accompany Calvin.

“The hospital’s refusal to allow us to assist Calvin with his complaint is unacceptable, and the reason behind the refusal is nonsensical,” said the lawyers in their statement.

They further added that it was sheer hypocrisy on the part of the authorities as they had seven people representing them during the meeting, consisting of the Deputy Director of Hospital Seri Manjung, the medical officer that conducted the post-mortem, several doctors from Hospital Seri Manjung as well as a specialist doctor from the Ipoh General Hospital.

However, the lawyers claimed the authorities insisted that Calvin attend the meeting without any legal assistance while the hospital had the benefit of a team of professionals on its side.

“This highly inappropriate behaviour as well as the overall lack of transparency from the hospital is disappointing,” said the lawyers.

They further urged the Ministry of Health to look into this.

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